Right click and "download linked file as" into your WtT folder, adding your name to the title.

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Link to mind maps.

Inspiration Mind Mapping

This mind map has good information, but it needs to be organized so it communicates more about the plant parts we eat. "Save as" with your name in the title before rearranging it and connecting the circles under the six main categories. Add other edible plant names to the empty circles. Use the check sheet from Ms. Augustine to take it to the next level.

Right click this Inspiration Mind Map and "download linked file as" into your WtT folder.

Today in History Use the American Memory collection to find out something that happened on your birthday.

Images of the Great Depression


(Picture from the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library, courtesy of the National Archives and Records Administration.)

Farm Security Administration: Children of Oklahoma drought refugees near Bakersfield, California. (Circa June 1935)

Dorothea Lange, photographer. Nipomo, Calif. Mar. 1936.

"Ancient Photo of India"

Ancient Photo of India


Inspiration Map for Apolo Anton Ohno

The Inspiration map below has great information, but it needs to be organized so it communicates Ohno's story. Rearrange and connect the circles, and add other important information before "saving as" with your name next to Ohno in the title.

Researching MP3 Players

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Something to get you started with your review:

Paraphrasing an Article About Sleep
Do you know how important sleep is to kids 11-15? Choose the correct article for your grade, and save it to your WtT 09-10 folder. Open the file and read it once carefully. Then read it again and choose a few important words in each paragraph to color using the highlight feature in Word. These words should be essential (the VERY MOST IMPORTANT) to paraphrasing the paragraph in a summary. Your teacher will help you work through the first part of the article. You'll complete the last two parts, and save it in your WtT folder.

Sleep Survey - Making Sense of Data

Right click on the CMS Sleep Survey and choose DOWNLOAD LINKED FILE AS with your WtT folder as the destination. Open the file and look over the responses made by 108 students in grades 6-8. In your notebook, write at least 5 statements comparing two features of the answers to survey questions. The statement from the SmartBoard, "More students go to bed at 9:30 p.m. than at any other time." should already be written in your notebook. Then write 2 questions you have -- it could be about the data, or about sleep and students.

Monkey.pngClick to take the CMS Sleep Survey

Positively GREAT Class Behavior.

The beginning of a new year, or a new rotation, is a good to time re-center and focus on positive class behavior. After doing a few examples together as a class, you should download the document below into the WtT folder you made on your desktop, and follow the directions at the top. There are spaces in each category for you to add your own ideas about what makes for a positive class environment.


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